mousetrap: Julia GUI Engine

Available here, under lGPL3-0 license.

Fully featured, cross-platform wrapper around GKT4, heavily reworks the interface from scratch in order to facilitate usage by users unfamiliar with GUI programming. Includes a gobject-based reference counting mechanism, which is independent of the Julia garbage collection, and a OpenGL rendering engine, written from scratch.

The library consists of a C++ back-end, a C++ to Julia interface, a BinaryBuilder wrapper, as well as the actual Julia package.

Extensive documentation, including a complete manual which aids users in learning the library and GUI programming in general.

Currently in Beta, v0.1.0 as of August 2023.

jluna: A Julia Wrapper for C++

Available here, under MIT License.

Comprehensive wrapper around the Julia C-API, includes automated memory-management, exception safety, convenient linking. Allows for native C++ code interacting with the Julia state from within a thread, even though this is currently impossible in the pure Julia C-API. Thread-safe, parallelized, fast, well-tested & stable.

Includes handwritten, step-by-step guide and documentation.

Feature-complete, version 1.0 released in winter 2022.

CRISP: Real-time Interactive Signal Processing Library

Available here, under MIT License.

A library demonstrating my expertise in image- and audio-processing techniques, written from scratch. Supports GPU-side computation, 32bit HDR colors, spectral techniques, automated segmentation, deep-learning based feature classification. Verbose, handwritten documentation.

(currently un-maintained)